JSC PMZ Voskhod produces a diverse variety of products with a great number of different component parts. It is achieved due to the group technology method   based on the complex type designs and standardization of technological processes, machinery equipment, fixtures and wide application of flexible computerized manufacturing equipment.

Group technology permits to simplify and speed up production preparation of the item parts as well as standardize quality control and manufacturing process flow stabilization.

Development and production of high-technology and science intensive units including hydraulic servo actuators with corresponding element base turns to be impossible without well-functioning state-of-the-art equipment, furnished with advanced means of product manufacture and control.
Voskhods achievements are conditioned to wide extent by availability of high-capacity production facility as well as application of the complex of technological achievements and national industry experience. 

In production of aviation equipment units new manufacturing processes are applied and improved continuously and they permit to ensure high reliability and increase wear-resisting properties of the parts.

Some structural elements are assembled by means of laser welding device. For quality control of joints of structural elements the following methods are applied: X-ray inspection with visualization depth 74 mm, video endoscopy with colored image for visual inspection of hard-to-reach channels and cavities. For these operations a device with flexible endoscope is used. Also optical-emission spectrometer is used for part spectrometry to perform steel analysis.
To plan and control production progress dedicated computer-aided systems are applied. They are designed on the basis of such AS9100 requirements as registration, traceability, identification.
Within operation period of aviation equipment JSC PMZ  Voskhod ensures  warranty and post-warranty service of the assemblies and units of its own production. Execution inspection of these works is performed by distributors and aviation equipment OEMs in cooperation with the specialists operating aviation equipment.