Company's history

Voskhods history, one of the leaders in airspace industry , started on the 12th of July, 1946. At that time Minister of Russia aviation industry moved experimental design bureau from Sverdlovsk to Pavlovo in order to create on its base a new experimental design bureau No 467.

The created bureau becomes the first designer of aeroplane hydraulic boosters in our country.
In 1956 Fedor Kupriyanov was appointed as the Head of experimental design bureau No 467 and in 1957 as Chief Designer. Doctor of Engineering F.Kupriyanov had a lot of state awards. Under his leadership the experimental design bureau No 467 became a development plant which supplied aircraft OEMs with small lots of proprietary products.


Within 1958 1965 period the company developed self-contained control actuators containing source of hydraulic supply, controllers  and actuation devices which provided sufficient increase of reliability, liveness and serviceability of aerospace systems.

In June, 1968 the experimental design bureau No 467 was renamed into Pavlovsky machinostroitelny zavod Voskhod according to the order issued by the Minister of aviation industry.

Within 1982 1988 the companys Chief designer was Y.A.Parmenov, laureate of state prize. At that time flight control actuators for Buran space shuttle control systems were developed. As a result of work of millions of people Energia carrier rocket and Buran space shuttle were launched into space. High static and dynamic characteristics of Voskhods actuation systems provided accuracy landing of Buran at the end of its flight. To meet the mentioned requirements Voskhod company implemented the state-of-the-art testing and metal-working machinery such as thermal vacuum chambers, humidity chambers, vibration stands, multiuniversal machines.

In 1993 JSC PMZ Voskhod started looking for new industrial markets and initiated cooperation with Public Joint Stock Company Gazprom, Russian railways, companies of Fuel&Energy Complex and automotive industry.

In 1996 P.G.Redko became General Director Chief designer. Pavel Redko is  a Doctor of Engineering and recipient of many honorary titles of the Russian Federation.

Since the middle of the 2000th JSC PMZ Voskhod has expended its participation in space programmes. The company masters manufacturing and pilot delivering of control actuators for Russian launch vehicle Angara which utilizes kerosene as propellant.

Nowadays JSC PMZ Voskhod processes new programmes on the basis of the integration of electrohydraulic and electronic components of the actuators, i.e. develops and delivers electrohydraulic units along with electronic control modules the actuator loop in whole.
Regarding civil aeroplane industry JSC PMZ Voskhod participates in the Irkut MC-21 mid-range Russian jet airliner programme as the developer and integrator of the aeroplane nose wheel steering system. Moreover, the company has developed and produces prototypes of the cylinders equipped with feedback transducers to be used in future-technology engine PD-14 designed by JSC Aviadvigatel for MC-21 instead of engine produced by American company Pratt&Whitney.
   Under the present conditions of aerospace market fusion the problem of competitiveness maintenance is ever more pressing in the fields with large volume of stored knowledge and research & development and manufacturing backlog. Clearly understanding necessity of the company further development the shareholders have invested over recent years  tens of millions of dollars into modernization of production facilities including mechanical processing and testing equipment.

Platforms and innovative technologies of hydraulic equipment digital control get their use for the systems of the actuators of aerospace application, testing equipment, power generators as well as in the industrial-applied benches intended for control of precision distributing devices.

Today is inconceivable without computer-aided design, utilization of advanced licensed software, web-browsing, communication with business partners via E-mail. At JSC PMZ Voskhod the search program of modern design and technological solutions is automated implemented  into the process of creation and modernization of assemblies and mechanisms. Working environment of Voskhod design departments is being constantly improved, working places are being furnished with modern equipment. High-skilled staff of designers and process engineers improves constantly its professional level, communicates with companies-partners , participates in product creation at all stages from design&development works to product commercializing.

JSC PMZ Voskhod adheres to progressive development principles and maintains close and fruitful cooperation with OEMs of aerospace vehicles in Russia and abroad as well as with companies of different industries.